Busy day ahead? School run, work, shopping, Pilates class, dinner…. What to wear to feel good, comfortable and fashionable all day? If you are one of those busy women who run all day like a lunatic, trying to fit everything in and still look like an IG star? This column might be for you! 

The idea of this column is to share and show how we could play and have fun with our favourite pieces of fitness/ Pilates wear outside the studio. 

Many years ago when I started my fitness/Pilates journey, I didn’t have an access to nice sport wear. I never thought I’d wear them outside the gym either. 

Time are changed now, fit life style is trendy and we are lucky to have an amazing range of fit wear around.

I love to mix my Pilates wardrobe with my everyday or even night out clothes. 

Just by changing accessories we can create an individual and unique outfit. Running from Pilates studio to work, lunch with friends, shopping or even night out wearing jumpsuit I can feel fresh, unusual and very special. Not to mentioned lots of looks from people walking by.

Look 1

Pilates, yoga, fitness class 

KDWapparel travel suit’s fabric beautifully flows with your movement and it is so comfy to wear. It is one of those pieces that is really easy to style.

Look 2 

Heading to work, school run, shopping or lunch

Casual wear is my go- to style. Adding different accessories, we can quickly transform our studio/gym look to a more casual. 

Look 3 

Dinner, night out

Why not add a little bit of sparkle and glam to this fantastic piece of clothing and shine on your night out. When out, you will feel glamourous, unique but also relaxed and less restricted. 

Which of those looks is your favourite? 

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