Hello weekend!

Hello weekend! It’s time to relax! Recharge our batteries!

What does the weekend mean to you?  As a Pilates Teacher I am working most weekends but when I am off… for me weekends mean it’s time to jump out of my leggings!

I love my Pilates Pants but wearing them all the time gets a little bit humdrum.

I would be lying if I said that all my weekends off are pure relaxation and joy. House work, shopping, kids activities just to name a few, they all take time. But if I can, the best way to revitalize is to travel.

 Put on a little bit more of a casual-chic-look and wonder around!

Tartan coat ‘New Look’ , jeans & scarf ‘Zara’ , trainers ‘Nike’ , beret ‘H&M’ , jumper ‘Mondetta Performance Gear ‘Mpgsport’

Last weekend I’ve managed to go for a very short break and restore my lack of vitamin D.  Even in winter the sky is blue in Barcelona. So much happiness exploring new places when the sun is shining. Much easier to style up ‘weekend look’ too.

As I live in Scotland, planning outfits ahead might be a little bit challenging and sometimes pointless. Four seasons in one day, just imagine.

My ‘weekend away’ outfit recipe is layers. It is a recipe you can have fun with and change depending on the weather. White classic t-shirt, jumper, coat, scarf and hat are my must have ingredients.

I’ve never been a fan of pink but lately I am obsessed with ‘powder pink’ and grey combinations. 

Tartan coat, grey jeans and huge soft scarf mixed with powder pink jumper, trainers and chic beret are my favourite winter look. 

Tartan coat ‘New Look’ , jeans & scarf ‘Zara’ , trainers ‘Nike’ , beret ‘H&M’ , jumper ‘Mondetta Performance Gear ‘Mpgsport’
Jumper ‘Mondetta’
Beret ‘H&M’

  What is your special winter colour combination?

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