Fall in love with red

14th of february, 2019

I am too old to get very excited about Valentine’s Day. 

Okay, I tell untruth! I feel excited a little.

Do you know why? I will tell you!

I LOVE red!

During the Valentine week I have an excuse to wear it, hurray!

As you know most of my time I spent in the studio, so I tried to sneak a small fragment of the Valentines Mood into my work. In my recognition Valentines Day is not just to show love to your other half but also to accept yourself, share love and passion with everyone!

Bikini top SHEIN, leggings KDWapparel
Sport bra Ellesse, shorts KDWapparel

I don’t know why, but wearing red gives me lots of confidence and positive energy. I feel like dancing. It makes me happy.

Even my clients thought that my mood was better than usual. Maybe the fact that I incorporated my red holiday bikini top in my studio-look helped a little? 

I am simply in love with this ruffle red bikini top! It adds a bit of flamenco look, don’t you think 😉 Ole! 

There is something special about this piece of garment, it looks fab with leggings, shorts and a red body suit. Not to mention that it looks amazing with a summer-beach look too plus Jamba pants are a perfect match.

Wear red, anytime, anywhere, I am sure that you will rock it and that you will feel good. Glow, shine and share love.

Happy Valentine Day everyone!!!

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