Travel Chic

All last week I was busy preparing and planning my next weekends away. This turns my mind over travel essentials and voyagers needs.

Springy warm weather and shining sun encourage us to explore the new places. But what about our travel comfort? What about a chic look? Can we combine those two together? To be honest, for many years the chic look for me was strictly related to high heels and tight dresses. I know, shocking but true and I mostly ended up with exhausted, blistered feet and constantly tense feeling.

My latest romance between stylish, smart clothes and sport fashion eventually won. Now I am so much appreciating the fact that fashionable wear along with basic ‘must have’ wear can coexist and actually look and feel good together.

Jacket and t–shirt from ‘Zara’, jeans “H&M”, handbag ‘Ted Baker’

Bond old ‘boyfriend jeans’, plain white t-shirt with luxury print jacket and rose gold sneakers. Classics meet chick and jazzy look. It must be a success!

I love how easy ‘boyfriend jeans’ harmonise with the bold fabric of the jacket. It makes you feel great and a little bit out of ordinary tourist world.

Multifunction of our essentials is wonderful. It is great to wear it all day alone and style over with changing accessories at night.

I wouldn’t be myself if I won’t add a little knot to my simple t-shirt 🙂

Top and cigarette trousers from ‘Zara’

The other look match comfort with classic chic very well. Classic cigarette trousers, a raffle top and sporty shoes makes a fine mix.

Trousers ‘Zara’, shoes ‘Clarks’

I am in love with City breaks but I am afraid of being overcrowded. Early morning golden light and empty streets are simply delightful. Not just to capture an amazing pics but also to enjoy a little bit more freedom.

Of course as you would guess, I also packed my fitness wear. My latest fascination of the funky prints blend amazingly with spectacular sceneries.

Fitness top and leggings from KDWapparel
Fitness top and leggings from KDWapparel

Hundreds of bridges of the magical Venice vs three looks.

Classical, functional, trendy, modern, fit and chic. Which one you will add to your suitcase?

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