New York, New York

Few quick, spontaneous decisions and one day I woke up in NY. Hence it was only a business / training trip, I had to pack up my fitness wear but luckily for me I managed to extend my stay to appreciate the beauty of Manhattan. And (of course) I was worrying over my casual “NYC look”.

After seeing many fashion blogs, I felt a little stressed. Okay, I didn’t worry too much but being first time in NY I wanted to do it with “the style” 😉

Planning for this trip, I really wanted to find pieces that are functional, comfortable and chic. 

Long days and far walks require some comfy shoes. My totally favourites at the moment are vintage style Adidas sneakers. The winey red colour of the sneakers can express your care-free attitude mixed with a comfort zone.

 Grey skinny Zara jeans and cute fluttery blouse with red lip print look like a perfect match. But this outfit was missing something!

Adidas vintage sneakers, Zara skinny jeans

Accessories are everything! Wine coloured hat hunted down in Tkmax complemented the all. The “total look” was completed by the leather biker jacket, which you can never go wrong with.

Hat from Tkmax, blouse Top Shop
Biker leather jacket from Zara

Simple jeans, sneakers and a loose-blouse with addition of the red hat made this outfit a little bit more special.

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