Agi the hip-ster! Happy Hip Journal!

This is it! 

The decision is made, there is no stepping backwards! Let’s face the full hip replacement surgery!

New bionic hip here we come!

Let’s see if months of preparations, slowing down, rebounding and reconnecting with my body was worth it?

How do I feel about it? Many emotions are crossing my mind: anxious, scared, concerned, impatient, worried, but also excited, relieved, interested and curious.

Living with my bad arthritic hip for the last five years makes me realise that I cannot wait to enjoy the smallest of things like putting a sock on or doing my pedicure properly and without pain.

I can’t wait to move my leg and hip freely again without feeling any restrictions, pain, and that gripping “bone on bone” sensation. But … what if the surgery doesn’t fix that? What if my movements are worse than before?

No… this is not me!!! I always think positively! Don’t I?

Yes, I do!!! I have a fantastic surgeon, whom I trust. I am in good shape physically and mentally, I have amazing support from my family, friends and followers. I am lucky! 

I want to show everyone that a positive attitude and the right preparation will pay off!

I knew that surgery during such challenging times – the global COViD pandemic, was very risky. Arrangements were uncertain until the last day, but everything went nice and smoothly and I arrived at the Sport Clinic safe and sound.


One Day Pre-surgery

I arrived at the hospital in the morning on an empty stomach as I was due to have blood tests done. 

With all the forms completed and documents signed I was admitted to the ward. 

I had a check-up with the anaesthetist and was given all the information to explain what would be happening on the day of surgery. 

Surprisingly, I found out that instead of being given a general anaesthetic I was to have an epidural injection in my spine and some “happy sleeping pills”, which I was happy with. 

The nurse put a few catheters into my arms and I was given a hydration drip.

I tried to relax, watch some Netflix and read a book but as I cannot sit still for a long time I treated myself to some phsoas, iliacus and glutes release exercises. 

No make-up, no filter, hospital look 🙂

Big Day – Surgery 

An early start at 6am – I showered with an antibacterial scrub, and needed to put on a special hospital shirt along with an anticoagulant tight on my healthy leg. Very glam ☺

No food, no water – just a little sip with the pills. More drips, more blood tests and then ready for 11am surgery. When I arrived at the surgical unit I had an epidural injection and a urological catheter fixed in. 

The surgery took around 1-1 ½ hours, afterwards I spent 2 hours at the post surgery unit.

I can’t remember much, the pills must have worked well 😉 I just remember that I woke up at the end of the surgery and I felt some movements around the leg. At the post surgery unit I felt cool and was shivering so the nurses placed a warm airflow under my blanket. The 2 hours passed very fast so I must have had a good nap again;)

My surgeon and the nurses said that I had a good snooze all the way through the surgery and that I was even smiling happily in my sleep.

Around 4 pm I was back in my room. I still needed to lie flat – not to move my head, but I could start to drink.

By 5pm I could lift my head and drink more water.

At 6pm I had a light dinner and the nurses added lots of drips and gave me more drugs.

After dinner I had a visit from the physio and was advised to move my feet – dorsi/plantar flexions to prevent blood clots. My operated leg was placed in a special orthopaedic pillow (shaped a bit like a gutter!) to prevent my leg from rotating. My legs and glutes felt numb as a result of the epidural and I felt a little bit sick. I did have a good night’s sleep however. 

Day 1 Post-surgery

Another early start – 6am bloods were taken for some tests, along with some drugs and drips, instead of my usual morning coffee 😉

After breakfast I got a visit from my surgeon, anaesthesiologist and physio, who gave me information on what was to happen today. 

I managed to refresh myself, get changed and I had my dressing changed too. 

I was very curious about how my scar looked, so far I was very pleased with the result – small and neat.

I was taken for a check-up X-ray – all looked good. Then it was time for my first steps – I was super excited and curious!

I was advised to put my weight on the left, operated side, from the start, using crutches for a support. Surprisingly there was no pain at all!

In the evening I had another short walk and one more set of exercises. I was truly happy how well the day went. 

After dinner I got another visit from the physio who advised me to do some gentle strengthening exercises. Most of the suggested rehab moves felt good, but one particular exercise felt uncomfortable. I found out that straight leg lifts by connecting my quads was very challenging for me. I somehow felt that I had lost the power in my quads, even although it felt like the quads were connecting well. Okay, I will see what the next days bring.

Kind of Oopa-Loompa tan 😉

 Day 2 Post-surgery

I slept quite well as I still had a painkiller drip throughout the night.

Today’s morning routine was very similar to yesterday’s routine.

After breakfast I did my first gentle strengthening routine. 

The nurses took out my urological catheter so I felt I could move more freely and I could refresh myself better, get changed and walk a little bit more. What a joy to go to the cafeteria and have a proper coffee 😉 Priceless 😉

After dinner I felt a little bit sick but the nurses said that was normal after all the anaesthetics and drugs. A wee nap made me feel better – by the way I can’t remember when I last had a nap. The body definitely needed recharging. 

In the evening I did one more set of my rehab routine and then tried to relax.

A good day, however, I miss my family and friends.

Day 3 Post-surgery

A tough start to the day. I woke up around 4am with a tummy ache and sweats. I managed to get back to sleep but I felt uncomfortable. I needed to eat something to take my pills but my appetite wasn’t good.

I needed to shower so badly but I was still not allowed to get my wound wet. I managed to refresh myself and wash my hair so immediately I felt one hundred percent better.

The physio taught me how to walk up and down the stairs and after that I had a little cheeky trip to the hospital cafeteria. Good coffee really can lift the spirits 😉

In the evening I did the same rehab routine advised by the physio but I also experimented with the mini soft ball and an elastic band and I found them very helpful.

I noticed that my leg was more swollen so I had some ice compresses applied. No more drips and I was on minimal painkillers from this evening. No pain either, just the leg lifts still feeling uncomfortable.

Day 4 Post-surgery – Home Time

I woke up at 4am sweating like a little pig again. I hate this feeling and am not sure if it is the epidural effect, the post-surgery effect, or all the drugs I had been given. 

Another early start as I will be signed out of the hospital today. I was so happy that I managed to put my leggings on, even although my leg was swollen, put my make-up on and pack up all my stuff by myself.

I tried to eat something but my tummy was a little bit upset again. 

The nurse changed my wound dressing and honestly the scar looked so good I think it will be almost invisible by bikini season ☺

The hospital experience was very positive, professional, helpful, kind and pain free, but I am glad to be leaving to stay with my friends. 

I needed to return to the hospital after 14 days however, to get my stitches out and have consultations with my surgeon and physio. 

I had a long way to travel to my friend’s place but the journey went well. I kept my leg up all the way and did some gentle exercises like foot plantar and dosi flexions, plus quads and glutes activation. 

By the end of the day my leg was more tender and swollen than normal, but I guess it had been a very busy day. Applying the cooling compress was very helpful. 

Feet up 🙂 Home sweet home

Day 5 Post-surgery

A good night with no pain, just that horrible night sweat.

In the morning I took some drugs from the prescription they gave me but they made me feel dizzy so I will definitely not be taking them again. 

I tried to rest as much as I could, enjoying the 5 star hospitality from my friends. Honestly my friends are the best! 

Actually I am happy to be away from home as I know myself I would be doing more things around the house, but I do miss my little family so badly. 

In the afternoon I was back on the mat ☺ yay.  I managed to do some extra upper body and abs work, plus the routine from my physio. It felt good to connect with my body again. 

After the dizzy experience in the morning I decided not to take any more painkillers today.  I just had the anticoagulant jab in the evening and applied the cooling compress to get the swelling down on my operated leg. 

Day 6 Post-surgery

I woke up at 4am, with the usual sweat and uncomfortable feelings, so I had some water and a mild painkiller and managed to get back to sleep. 

I slept until 8am and I had almost a proper bath – heaven 😉

I caught up on some office work and helped my friends prepare dinner.  Then I managed to record my first post-surgery videos.

Today I added gentle facia stretches to my practice. However, I am still very careful with the wound as I need to allow the tissue to heal. I am surprised that the scar is not pulling, the wound is not tense either, it’s just the muscles around that are bruised and tender. I am less tired tonight. I had a good chat and a laugh with friends.  A glass of red wine, my feet up and the cooling compress are definitely lifting my spirits and helping me heal.

Happy to back on mat

Day 7 Post-surgery

Yay no night sweats – thank goodness!

I cannot believe that only a week has passed since I had my surgery. I am positively surprised at what I am able to do in that short time and how I feel. The human body is fascinating! 

It’s still a long way to go but at least I am heading in the right direction. The plan for the next weeks is to listen to my body, connect with it more and be PATIENT !!!

Time for relax 😉

Check out Agi’s story at 🙂

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